Volunteering opportunities available!

Volunteering at SHCS

Successfully organizing and executing large-scale events, as we have been doing over the years, would have been an impossibility without the support of volunteers like you.

We greatly value the volunteering of your time and expertise in the activities of our organization. Volunteering opportunities are available in the following areas:

Food Preparation

Huge quantities of food are prepared on all important occasions throughout the year and provided as “Prasad “ to all the visitors. If you have the interest, skill or experience in cooking, you are the person we need.


If you have a penchant for cleaning or if cleaning works as a stress-buster for you, you can pitch-in in the regular and periodic cleaning and upkeep of the facility and premises.


If you are well-versed and capable of imparting knowledge or skills in any of the areas relevant to our organization, pls. volunteer to handle one of our instructional courses.


Physically strong volunteers are required for lifting and moving items belonging to the facility, from the facility to event locations and back, during special events conducted by the facility.

Event support

We are always in need of a large number of volunteers to handle the myriad tasks associated with organizing events and activities

Join us today as a volunteer and get true happiness in spreading happiness.