About Us

Our Mission, Our Vision and our History

SHCS: Vision

  • A vibrant community center operating at our own facility, that serves as a haven and a focal point for people to congregate for the purpose of conducting social, educational, cultural, literary, and performing arts activities.
  • Future generations whose connection and deep rootedness to holistic values and morals help them lead happy and fruitful lives.
  • Greater community cohesion that results in co-ordinated and effective efforts towards community engagement and enacting change at the community level.

SHCS: Mission

  • To promote and practice the ideals of Santan dharma/religion through worship, social service, & teaching Sanskrit/Hindi language.
  • To strive for spiritual richness and human excellence through assimilation of values of Vedic Hindu scriptures into daily life.
  • To preserve and uphold the continuation of time-honoured traditions for future generations to come in Calgary.
  • To come together for carrying out charitable activities, raising donations, conducting fund raising events and providing services to the community.

SHCS : History

Sanatan Hindu Cultural Society  was established in 2013 as a CRA registered non-profit & charitable organization,  in an endeavour to re-create for the Indian community in Calgary, an ambience reminiscent of the religious and cultural milieu that is a quintessential part of it’s identity. 

Motivated by the passion for a deeper involvement and contribution to the community, the society has envisioned and executed a gamut of cultural and religion-based programs using both it’s own premises for limited participants, and bigger facilities outside for larger gatherings. The religion-based events have been instrumental in building a sense of connection and spiritual well-being while the cultural events promote the rich cultural heritage of India besides community engagement. The society has also strived to foster community spirit and fulfill it’s responsibilities to the wider community through measures such as contributions to the food bank in the form of non-perishable food, regular volunteering at the food bank and homeless shelter and mentoring of newcomers to Canada who are looking for support and community integration.

 The society’s unwavering commitment to serving the community over the past several years, during good times as well as difficult times, has helped it to grow from a nascent enterprise in 2013 to a well-known, respected organization today with a vast and diverse membership that has earned a place for itself in the hearts of people.