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Inauguration: Dance Show Oct'2015

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An organization built on the core values of Sanatan Dharma, that promotes and manifests the timeless and eternal doctrines, observations and practices advocated in Hinduism.

A destination offering the opportunity to practise Bhakthi and Shraddha through spiritual discourses, festivals and related cultural activities such as music, dance, drama, and language classes.

An Exciting and Breaking News!

Sanatan Hindu Cultural Society (SHCS) has been looking to get its own place of worship. SHCS had viewed a property on June 23rd and the final offer submitted was accepted by the seller on July 4th!  

Message from the President

Dear Devotees and Well Wishers of the Sanatan Hindu Cultural Society,

Please permit me to provide you with a Personal Update on the progress we have made on the Conditional Offer for the Westwind Property. We are very Happy to acknowledge that a number of people have come forward with their donations so far, and with more people like you making the pledges, we will be on our way to meet the Renovation Expenses. Please find below the latest update about the new Temple posted on Jan 17th 2021.

Thank You and God Bless You and Your family,

Arcot Devender

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