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An organization built on the core values of Sanatan Dharma, that promotes and manifests the timeless and eternal doctrines, observations and practices advocated in Hinduism.

A destination offering the opportunity to practise Bhakthi and Shraddha through spiritual discourses, festivals and related cultural activities such as music, dance, drama, and language classes.

 New Temple is now open!

With the blessing of the Lord, the opening ceremony of Sanatan Hindu Cultural Society’s new Temple was successfully performed on March 6th and March 7th 2021. The new Temple is located at Unit #705, 4656 Westwinds Drive NE, Calgary, AB.

 Darshan at Temple

As per Alberta regulations, up to 15% occupancy is allowed inside the temple at a time. Devotees can now visit the temple during regular temple hours without scheduling an appointment prior to the visit. Regular temple hours are provided both in the website footer and in the Contact Us page. If the temple is already at capacity, devotees will be requested to wait in the car until the required number of people already present leave the temple after darshan. Please wear a mask and follow all restrictions including maintaining social distancing. We request you to leave the temple after darshan to reduce wait time for other devotees. We request and appreciate your co-operation in this regard.

 Archana and Sankalpam Procedure on Saturdays

 An update on the Archana and Sankalpam procedure performed on Saturdays hereafter: This new procedure will start from May 29th onwards. The temple’s incumbent priest Raghuram Bhattar will chant mantras (from Bangalore, India) and the floral Archana will be simultaneously done by Chandran Gurukkal in Calgary. This chanting will be in traditional style for Perumal and will have the special vibrations for everyone’s well-being. So, the Sanatan Temple’s devotees will have the privilege and blessings of both Gurukkal/Bhattar with the grace of Lord Balaji. Please take the opportunity of this new pooja format and please do book your Archana and Sankalpam in support of this new format. We pray that this intensive chanting for Perumal will usher in a new phase in our life free from Covid-19 stress and bring the much needed relief to the community 

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